We have a well equipped studio in Greenside, Gateshead, within easy access of Newcastle, Hexham and Durham which we use for commercial product photography with all necessary lighting, backdrops, infinity table, etc.

We live in a world where great imagery does the talking. When it comes to your products, great imagery massively helps the sell.

From cosmetics and beauty to food and drink, I work with brands from small independent businesses to large, well established brands that we all know so well.

I create captivating product photography for marketing outlets including: E-commerce, social media campaigns and out-of-home marketing, including billboards.

I create visuals with carefully considered compositions, props and colour combinations that tell a story. With a degree in Photography and industry experience, I have a broad range of digital skills and creative ability needed to conceptualise your ideas.

I work collaboratively with all of my clients to fully understand their brand and the message they want to convey, ensuring that the photography aligns with your overall branding and marketing strategy.

My studio photography services are tailored to meet your specific marketing needs. With high end equipment and extensive retouching experience I can create clean, crisp, and vibrant photography work that truly represents what your brand is all about.

Whether you need creative, brand specific product photography, pack shots for e-commerce or something else, get in touch and let’s discuss your brand’s photography needs.

Our studio will normally be the best and most economic venue for the shoot. Where size or other conditions require, we can set up and photograph at a client’s premises. Additionally, if a more creative approach is called for at some special location, indoors or outdoors, this can also be arranged. Additionally, we are fortunate to have a great prop making workshop and access to lots of very interesting materials to use for our photo shoots when required.

We can charge by the day, the half day or the hour, depending on the amount of work involved, but given a description of the number and nature of product shots required, we can provide a per product estimate, which clients often prefer.

To discuss a commercial photography project, or for any enquiries regarding our product photography services, please email us or call 07954098591

Our product photography services include creating images for online sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Some of which have strict criteria that images need to meet to be included, we guarantee your images will be accepted.

We have great connections with local models who can give that additional touch to your product placement. Or if you prefer to source your own model or even model your own products we can happily give direction for the shoot.

Please call on 07954098591 to discuss your photographic needs, THANKS

This page is under construction please look at our gallery and check back soon.

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