Newcastle Sports Events Photography

Newcastle Sports Events Photography

Newcastle sports events photography takes me to some of the best locations our area has to offer. It’s amazing some of the places we have within a short drive of the city. Wild Deer Events, Greener Miles Running and the other suppliers I work for have chosen the absolute best. Not just the best for the region but I’d wager for the whole country

It’s a real pleasure photographing sports people amateurs and professionals alike. It’s great seeing them take on the challenge and their joy when they do.

On Top of the World

Take this lady, competing in the Helvelyn Tri last summer. She’d literally swam in Ulswater, cycled round it then half way up a mountain runs into a bloke with a camera. Smile and double thumbs up, what a positive way to go. She’s not alone, virtually every event I photograph the competitors are happy, smiling and waving etc. There’s harder ways to work.

Here’s a few more from the Tri last year.

If you’re running any events and are interested in photography for them, check out my page with some more details. Thanks

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