What’s a portrait mini shoot?

What’s a portrait mini shoot?
Jepson Family Mini Shoot at Saltwell Towers

I’m sometimes asked What’s a portrait mini shoot? In short they are pretty much whatever you want. Mainly used for families to get some fantastic portraits. They are also used for influencers and professionals alike for profile shots. Sometimes they’re used by new businesses to help their online presence with new and exciting shots of their team.

Above are a fe images from the Jepson family mini shot in Saltwell Park. We delivered over 50 photos in a 30 minute shoot. So, What’s a portrait mini shoot? It’s a great chance for some fun, family portraits for you and the family to enjoy for years to come. You can see some more details and example on our portrait and mini shoot page

Portrait mini shoots are fun and I aim to quickly get the most of your time. With no limit to the party size or shots and combinations taken you can get dozens of photos from your shoot. I guarantee a minimum of twenty-five but normally its three or four times that number of photos. And we’re not talking about dozens of the same pose just quick fire pictures, we mean different photos.

Give me a call on 07954098591 to chat through or check out my page for details, portrait and mini shoot page

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