Newcastle Wedding Photographer – How long do you need?

Newcastle Wedding Photographer – How long do you need?

Newcastle Wedding Photographer – How long do you need? This is a question I’m often asked and to be honest there’s no real answer. Let me explain. Your Wedding photography is dependent on a number of factors, most of them you can control.

Most photographers offer all day photography which is usually from your bridal preparation through to your first dance. This pretty much records every detail of your day in pictures. It’s the ‘Gold’ standard or the most you can get. Well it is and it isn’t. Firstly it’s the most expensive option and will give you hundreds if not thousands of photos. You do capture every element of your most special day. The entourages meeting and getting ready. Probably some antics as they do. Guests arriving at the venue, the ceremony and portraits afterwards. The wedding breakfast with the speeches and of course cutting the cake. It will also include evening guests arriving, any hijinks at the evening celebration. This coverage normally closes with the first dance photos and maybe a few pictures when guests start dancing.

Newcastle Wedding Photographer

All day photography helps with non-controllable elements such as the weather. If there’s a shower you can do the portraits later or split them into smaller groups etc. It usually gives more time for the portraits and can even accommodate the happy couple getting some real nice portraits at another location.

Some photographers will offer half-day photography for slightly less. We should consider that weddings often only take place on weekends so this limits the number a photographer can work. Hence they won’t want to restrict their income too much. Half day’s vary but often start at the ceremony or just before and can run up to the evening event. Often couples don’t want the preparation shots, to be fair you want the shots when you look your best more than when the groundwork is being put in. Half day’s also offer a lot of flexibility for the weather etc.

Newcastle Wedding Photographer - How long do you need?
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Newcastle Wedding Photographer – How long do you need? Then there’s usually a ceremony only option. This is where your photographer arrives just before the ceremony starts to capture guests arriving. Often this includes the brides arrival the all important ceremony and some portraits afterwards. Often enough for smaller weddings or the ‘legal’ one before couples jet off to get married abroad. This coverage can be hampered by the weather particularly if at a Registry office where another wedding could be taking place soon after yours. Discuss these with your photographer before hand so you can get a good idea of what can be achieved in the time allowed.

It sounds very simple but can’t be overplayed too much. The main factors that influence how long you want your photographer on your special day is 1. How many guests you have and 2. How many pictures you want. The more of either the longer you will need your photographer there.

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